Mattress Comparison Ratings plays a role in choosing best one

Mattress Ratings are the classification of different types of mattresses and may not be very important to the mattress shopper. Unfortunately, the shopper must go out and deal with all the mattress salesman since a mattress feels different to each person, and only the person shopping for one can decide. A pad or mat placed on the leading of a bed for us to sleep on it is called a mattress.

The Arabic meaning of the word mattress is “to throw” which literally shows how in ancient times cushions were thrown on floors for sleeping. To make the mattress further up from the ground a mattress is placed on best of a platform or bed. Mattresses are of different types depending on their make and top quality. From ancient times mattresses have been created having a variety of natural supplies, including feathers, hay and straw. Modern day advancements at are made up of latex or chemicals like Polyurethane etc. Mattresses may be of foam, water or air filled or filled with natural or nylon fibers.

Nowadays organic mattresses are being prepared from soft cotton. The mattresses should be comfortable, soft, strong, resilient, machine washable and void of toxic chemicals that might be inhaled during sleep. The materials used to make a mattress must be absorbent and breathable, increasing air circulation and reducing perspiration. Due to further research and development more mattresses are being developed which are cool in summers and warm in winters, fire and dust mites resistant. Mattress comparison ratings are done to classify the different variety of mattresses for selling them in the market.

Mattress comparison ratings are done around the foundation of the following points – Special features, advantages, disadvantages, user profile and cost. The mattresses are tested using a variety of measuring instruments and also tested as to how they will perform within a live home condition. The mattresses to be sold are further rated on top quality and performance. A mattress has a warranty or guaranty with it depending on the retail store. A guaranty is a return policy stating that you can return the mattress to the store if you are unhappy or uncomfortable. The property of firmness (hard to soft) of memory foam is used in determining convenience.